The RAVeL network

The “RAVeL” network (for “Réseau Autonome des Voies Lentes”) is a soft mobility network in Wallonia, developed on the towpaths of waterways and disused railway lines. The advantage of these routes is that they are suitable for cycling (but also for walkers, rollerbladers and horse riders), on flat or gently sloping routes (maximum 2.5%). It has been developing gradually since 1996, with new sections being inaugurated every year. In the Walloon region, it corresponds to the “Voies Vertes” system developed in France.

Hastière is crossed by RAVeL 2, which links Mariembourg to Hoegaarden, following the Meuse valley between Heer-Agimont and Namur. It offers family cycling on the towpaths of the Meuse or on disused railway lines.

The province of Namur has a fairly extensive RAVeL network, including a link between the Meuse and Sambre valleys that also takes in the Molignée valley. Not far from here, a very pleasant stretch also links Rochefort and Houyet. A map of the RAVeL network in the Province of Namur is available from our reception desk.

A missing section of this RAVeL 2, between Waulsort and Anseremme, is currently being prepared and will be completed in the next few years. The technical and impact studies, mainly environmental, have been completed and the first preparatory work has begun. This section has been listed by the Walloon Region as one of its priority routes. Its completion will provide a safe link between Hastière and Dinant through some sumptuous scenery!

RAVeL 2: 28.4 km Mariembourg – Hastière section

Useful information :

Origin Former SNCB railway line (L156)
Towpath or waterway service road
Length of section 28.4 km
Localities crossed : Mariembourg – Fagnolle – Dourbes – Matagne-la-Grande – Romerée – Doische – Agimont – Hermeton-sur-Meuse – Hastière-Lavaux
Majority surfacing: Asphalt
Detail : Asphalt (100%)
Minimum width 1.6 m
Practicality Good (85%)
Passage over shoulder Yes (1%) – Cycle path
Authorised riders Yes (93%)

An ideal walk for young children. No car traffic, very gentle gradients (this is a former railway line). And, at any moment, when this little world is tired, you can turn around and practically coast back to the car…

This section is currently extended to Waulsort via the Hastière bridge, the right bank of the Meuse, the Waulsort dam and lock. Continuing the route to Anseremme and Dinant currently requires using the N96 road, which carries fast-moving traffic. The project to extend the RAVeL between Waulsort and Anseremme is currently under way, so that you can continue to follow the course of the Meuse in complete safety.